Who are Shoalhaven Solo Sister

Formed by the duo that have made My Travel Expert (formerly Travelscene Nowra) an award-winning business, Leonie Clay and Julie Preston launched Shoalhaven Solo Sisters as an entirely new product line with one aim in mind – travel for independent and single travellers.

In this day and age while travel is easy, the cost of travelling as a single traveller can be rather prohibitive as you often end up paying 30% to 100% extra on your land or cruise costs then what a person does on an individual basis who is travelling with someone.

As industry veterans we at Shoalhaven Solo Sisters  know exactly how hard it can be on a person to decide to go off to travel alone, and not just from a financial side, many travellers often just feel insecure travelling without someone else at their side, or a lack of desire to travel without some sort of company . Shoalhaven Solo Sisters was founded to help others find a way to try to avoid these pitfalls, and plans to do so through two methods ..

First and foremost, Shoalhaven Solo Sisters will be offering  group packages every year which the single traveller can join and be matched up with a (hopefully) like-minded traveller to share accommodation with for the duration of the voyage. These voyages will cover a range of products and holiday styles, from Cruises to Shopping Tours, From Tours of Australia to in-depth exploration of other countries across the globe.

While the Shoalhaven Solo Sisters was founded to help single travellers – male or female – find like minded travelling companions, all our product such as Group Departures are open to everyone, including couples. All group departures are after all reliant on numbers to get away and we would be dong both ourselves and our single travellers a great disservice if we ignored couples who wished to join us

Secondly we are continually growing our database for use as a match making travel service, where should you wish to travel but not pay a single supplement and none of our current group departures are suitable, then all you need to do is let us know and in turn we can start searching our traveller network for a potential partner. We won’t guarantee a match up, and even if we do find a match up we won’t start booking until you let us know that it is a suitable pairing – but for those that don’t want to spend the extra accrued by a single supplement or don’t enjoy the thought of being matched with a complete stranger, then this is the best alternative!


“Firstly we must apologise in taking so long to contact you and thank you so much for organising the trip to New Zealand for our week of golf. The weather was perfect , the accommodation first class , the golf courses great , pity about our standard of golf , and all transport on time with immaculate vehicles and obliging and informative drivers. All in all good value. Attached is a photo of the group at Jack’s Point . Once again our thanks and keep us in mind to make up the numbers if needed in the future.”
– Ian & Sonja

“Thank you for organising a get together at Silos last Saturday. Perfect day! with you, the ladies and Raj. I met a lot of lovely ladies!”
– Patricia M